AB 2609 – Los Angeles Democratic Party Resolution

Los Angeles Democratic Party Resolution to Support AB 2609

The largest Democratic organization within the California Democratic Party, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party has endorsed a resolution calling for the rights of California homebrewers to be restored.


Recently, California homebrewers lost their right to share their products with each other at their own events and competitions. This due to the passage of well-meaning legislation intended to expand the rights of homebrewers, but the poorly written bill was interpreted by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control as taking away the rights of homebrewers. This has shut down their group activities and has been a financial loss for businesses in communities where their events would take place.

California homebrewers are part of the creative energy behind the growth of the craft brewing industry. This industry, composed of many small businesses, are responsible for employing some 45,000 Californians and accounting for well over $1.7 billion in wages. In 2012, craft breweries in California contributed $4.7 billion to the California economy.

See the Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s Resolution below:


Restoring the Rights of California Homebrewers

Whereas, California homebrewers, non-professional makers of beer, wine and other fermented products are part of a growing group of home brewing enthusiasts here in California estimated at some 150,000 people; and

Whereas, homebrewers have had the right to share their products with each other at their own events and competitions since 1979, when President Jimmy Carter signed into law the legalization of home brewing; and

Whereas, now, California homebrewers have lost their rights to legally share their products and collaborate with other homebrewers in the development of their craft; this all due to well-meaning legislation that has mistakenly taken away their rights; and

Therefore be it resolved, The Los Angeles County Democratic Party supports restoring the legal rights of home brewers to freely share with each other their products as previously allowed by law; and

Be it further resolved, a copy of this resolution will be sent to Senator Lou Correa, Chair of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee and its members.

Tony Hale
66th AD Executive Board Member