About CHA

CHA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization created by Southern California’s homebrewing clubs to promote the craft of home brewing and organize various brewing related events. However, you don’t need to be a brewing club member to join the CHA. A CHA membership is $10 and valid only for the year it is purchased in, expiring on December 31 each year. Please click the menu item titled “Become a Member” to submit your membership application.

Membership fees cover SCHF expenses and organizational overhead, but no compensation is paid to the CHA board, club representatives, SCHF volunteers or to brewers of homemade malt beverages served at the SCHF. By law, no payment for homemade malt beverages shall or will be made to anyone providing such beverages, and no homebrewer shall charge for sharing such beverages. Members get access to CHA members-only events. Tickets to these events are only sold in the “Members Area” on this website. Event registrations are limited, suspended immediately prior to each event, and memberships are not sold at the events. Email Andy Carter if you have questions about membership.

CHA sends email blasts to past and current members periodically to keep them informed, but will only send an email blast when information is deemed important and necessary for members by the board of directors.

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