AB 2172: Signed Into Law

AB 2172, a California Assembly bill that legalizes homebrew meetings and competitions at licensed alcohol facilities, has been signed into law by Governor Brown. AB 2172 will allow the hundreds of homebrew clubs and thousands of homebrewers across the state of California to meet, discuss, and sample their beers at their local breweries, brew pubs, and restaurants.

“This law will allow California homebrewers to congregate at the most convenient and logical places: their local craft breweries.” says Karsten Leone, President of the California Homebrewers Association, “Until this bill was passed, the law lacked clear definitions of where homebrewed beer could be served. Now, homebrewers can work with their local businesses to host meetings and homebrew competitions. This will drive more business to local establishments while giving homebrewers a public place to meet. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The CHA worked with Santee Assemblyman Brian Jones to get this bill through the California Legislature. “I am thrilled that this bill has gone through the legislative process with bi-partisan support for our local homebrewers and their club members,” said Assemblyman Brian Jones in statement about AB 2172. “Home brewers are tremendous advocates of small, local breweries which in turn support our local communities. Home brewers who contribute to their local brewers also encourage their friends and family members to support local breweries.”

The text of the bill can be found here: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB2172

For more information about the California Homebrewers Association, please contact Karsten Leone at karsten@calhomebrewers.org or go to www.calhomebrewers.org.

AB 2172 FAQ

Q: What is AB 2172?

A: AB 2172 is a bill to allow homebrew clubs to meet and have competitions on licensed alcohol service establishments. This includes, but not specifically limited to: craft breweries and brew pubs, craft beer bars, and restaurants. AB 2172 requires that meetings and competitions held at these establishments must be done so with the express permission of the business establishment and in reserved areas.

Q: When does AB 2172 go into effect?

A: January 1, 2017.

Q: Does this mean my local craft beer bar can start selling my home-brew?

A: Absolutely not! Homebrewed beer, wine, mead, cider, etc can never be sold. The California Alcohol Beverage Control Act and state statute § 23356:

“[A]llows the manufacture of beer for personal or family use, and not for sale by a person over the age of 21. The aggregate amount of beer with respect to any household shall not exceed 200 gallons or 100 gallons if only one adult resides in such household.”

AB 2172 allows you to bring your beer to a licensed establishment for homebrew club meetings and competitions. You can only share your beverage with other homebrew club members, not general patrons of the establishment.

Q: I want to have homebrew club meetings at my local brewpub. How should I go about setting one up?

A: Contact the owner and/or operator of your favorite local craft beer establishments. If they are reluctant to permit your homebrew club to meet there, show them a copy of the new law and all press releases related to it. Remind them homebrew club meetings will attract more business patrons to their establishment. Working with the owner, you must set aside a specific table or tables for the club meeting or competition. They must be clearly designated that these tables are for the homebrew meeting or competition.