Hoppy Brew Year! 2017 CHA and Festival Details

Here are some upcoming dates for registering for homebrew fest. Be on the look out for web links soon!

2017 CHA Memberships and Southern California Homebrewers Festival: Memberships sales and festival registrations will open on January 6, 2017. Memberships are $10 and provide discounts at your local California breweries and homebrew shops. Only CHA members can register for the Southern California Homebrewers Festival. SCHF is May 5 and May 6 at Vail Lake, California. Registration fees start at $35; $40 after February 1, $45 after March 1, and $50 after April 1. Registration lasts until May 3, 2017. All fest attendees must be 21+ and be CHA members. One membership, one registration!

2017 SCHF Volunteer Program: Do you want to attend SCHF for free, in exchange for a few hours of service? All 2017 CHA members can sign-up with our volunteer program starting January 6. Spare a few hours of homebrew sampling and help your fellow brewer by volunteering! Sign-ups last until February 1.

2017 SCHF Artwork Competition: All CHA members are encouraged to submit artwork to the SCHF Artwork Competition. Please see the rules here. The winner gets their artwork put on the commemorative festival glassware, on t-shirts, and more!