In Memoriam: Mike Froehlich, Former CHA Board Member

Today we mourn the loss of a great friend, a great man and a key figure in the hobby and craft that we love.  Regretfully we say goodbye to Michael Froehlich who passed away peacefully at his home on January 22, 2017.

Mike has been involved in the homebrewing craft since the late 1980’s and opened Stein Fillers Homebrewing supply store in Long Beach, CA in 1991 with his good friend Don Van Valkenburg.  It was not unusual to find both of them, along with their wives, helping to answer questions and encourage beginning homebrewers.  Mike was one of the original members of the Long Beach Homebrewers and Strand Clubs and he played a key role in growing the Long Beach Homebrewers club into the thriving community of close friends that it has become over the years.  This store and club has been the jumping off place for many successful craft breweries in the area.  In addition to being a former board member of the California Homebrewers Association, Mike was also BJCP National Judge, always willing to offer encouraging analysis of one’s beer, and always sharing generously with those around him. Mike encouraged and initiated countless homebrewers into the art and craft that we love, contributions that will not be forgotten.

Mike was a wonderful friend, a loving father and a devoted husband.  His enthusiasm and genuine personality will live in his memory.

If you would like to donate to a fund support Michael’s family, please go to here.

RIP Mike – 2017

For every wound a balm,

For every sorrow, cheer,

For every storm a calm,

And for every thirst a beer…

Mike Froehlich (left) with Mike Sunny, both former CHA board members